Music Therapy for Children

Music is a calming and healing method for improving your child’s health. It can also energize the mind and body as your child grows up. You can use it to put your child to sleep. For example, you can think of lullabies from your mom or granny.  How calm and comfortable you felt before dozing off to sleep. You might have even had sweet and memorable dreams during the sleep. You can apply the same formula for your baby also. I have been using the lullabies even today before I go to sleep. I am 37 now and the mother of three grown-up children. Yet, music has a profound effect on my mind and body.

How Music Works

Calm and soothing music can work through the frontal lobe of the child, which is beginning to understand and create perceptions about the external world. It creates highly positive feelings which can get recorded for a lifetime. It can improve the cognition and the ability to identify every sound in its various forms of frequency and wavelength. 


The wavelengths of classical and country music are evenly distributed from the start to the finish. There are no abnormal variations. For example, you can consider the music from a violin. It is very close to the human voice in conveying emotions and feelings. Sometimes the western classical music from the violin can boost the concentration levels of your child. It is because the flow of energy and circulation of blood increases significantly while your child is listening to violin music. It can also make your child gentle and responsive to other’s feelings as he grows up.


Frequency of specific sound patterns within a stanza can increase the activeness and alertness of your child’s mind. Response to stimuli increases considerably. Conscious thinking and decision making become clear and sound.

You may think of introducing your child to the various soft music forms from all over the world. For example, you can consider flute, Veena (an Indian musical instrument with strings), cello, soft-drums, Tibetan musical instruments, etc. The frequency from each instrument can activate the various cells within the temporal lobe for processing the language and music. Growth of healthy brain cells happens from childhood which continues throughout the lifetime.


 Variations in the music temp can influence the hypothalamus regions significantly. The memory power of your child can increase as he grows. Of course, the process could be relatively faster among some children while it could be gradual among others. However, the positive signs are bound to show up.


Children who develop a strong bonding with music may show interest in becoming musicians. They can perform better when you put them to practice early in the childhood days. You have to identify whether they show their ability in singing or playing a musical instrument.


 Music is a universal healer which can improve the mental health and wellbeing of children when you exposed them continuously to its various forms.

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