Music Therapy for Children

Music Therapy for Children

Music is a calming and healing method for improving your child’s health. It can also energize the mind and body as your child grows up. You can use it to put your child to sleep. For example, you can think of lullabies from your mom or granny.  How calm and comfortable you felt before dozing off to sleep. You might have even had sweet and memorable dreams during the sleep. You can apply the same formula for your baby also. I have been using the lullabies even today before I go to sleep. I am 37 now and the mother of three grown-up children. Yet, music has a profound effect on my mind and body.

How Music Works

Calm and soothing music can work through the frontal lobe of the child, which is beginning to understand and create perceptions about the external world. It creates highly positive feelings which can get recorded for a lifetime. It can improve the cognition and the ability to identify every sound in its various forms of frequency and wavelength. 


The wavelengths of classical and country music are evenly distributed from the start to the finish. There are no abnormal variations. For example, you can consider the music from a violin. It is very close to the human voice in conveying emotions and feelings. Sometimes the western classical music from the violin can boost the concentration levels of your child. It is because the flow of energy and circulation of blood increases significantly while your child is listening to violin music. It can also make your child gentle and responsive to other’s feelings as he grows up.


Frequency of specific sound patterns within a stanza can increase the activeness and alertness of your child’s mind. Response to stimuli increases considerably. Conscious thinking and decision making become clear and sound.

You may think of introducing your child to the various soft music forms from all over the world. For example, you can consider flute, Veena (an Indian musical instrument with strings), cello, soft-drums, Tibetan musical instruments, etc. The frequency from each instrument can activate the various cells within the temporal lobe for processing the language and music. Growth of healthy brain cells happens from childhood which continues throughout the lifetime.


 Variations in the music temp can influence the hypothalamus regions significantly. The memory power of your child can increase as he grows. Of course, the process could be relatively faster among some children while it could be gradual among others. However, the positive signs are bound to show up.


Children who develop a strong bonding with music may show interest in becoming musicians. They can perform better when you put them to practice early in the childhood days. You have to identify whether they show their ability in singing or playing a musical instrument.


 Music is a universal healer which can improve the mental health and wellbeing of children when you exposed them continuously to its various forms.

Child Nutrition and Health

Child Nutrition and Health

Nutrition plays an important role in shaping the health and fitness factors among children. It is very important to induce maximum immunity at the time of child birth. Breastfeeding after birth is needed for the first two or three months. Some of the babies may need it for the first five months. Mothers have to ensure it without missing. Research works have shown that children who were breastfed had a higher level of immunity to infections and diseases as they grow up. 

Four to Six Months

You may start bottle feeding your baby after four months. You can also feed cereals and boiled veggies during this time. Some babies may be able to digest the foods, while others may have problems. You have to consult the pediatrician and take suggestions for the healthy foods and beverages. Take care of the nutrition factors which can influence the physical and psychological health. Of course, you should continue to breastfeed your child until she is six months.

Six to Nine Months

 At six months, you can start feeding fruits like banana, apples, plums, and peaches. You can give this diet for breakfast and lunch. It is good to avoid such foods during the nights as they can lead to stomach problems.

Beans and carrots are the first set of veggies you can feed now. Boil them nicely and mash them before feeding. Make sure they are not too hot. You may add a bit of salt, if you want your bay to get used to it. Or you may feed the food without any salt content.

You can feed the baby with plenty of clean and pure water. A baby can drink approximately one liter of water every day. Some babies may need more water, if the dehydration levels are high in summer. Boiled water is required for improving digestion and killing the bacteria in the Intestine. It can also clean up the bowels and make its movement easy.

Nine Months to One Year 

It is time to add stewed meat and fish to the baby food. They contain plenty of nutrition like proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Fish oil can improve the eyes health and skin quality. Pureed poultry can also be very healthy.

Food Feeding Time

Early morning breakfast is essential to ensure healthy metabolism. Make sure of feeding the baby breakfast by seven in the morning. Avoid meat in the morning and feed only veggies and fruits. You may also feed the baby with cereals.

Lunchtime should be preferably 12 in the noon. Barley and oats are the ideal foods. You can also feed fruits or fruit juices to ensure good nutrition. If the baby is comfortable, you can feed meat stews or fish.

Supper time should be preferably eight in the night. If the baby is comfortable, you may feed chicken stew or turkey stew.


Your baby can be healthy and fit for the rest of life, if you can ensure complete nutrition from the first month to the first year. Water and juices are the lifelines. Breastfeeding is recommended for the first six months.

Importance of Psychological Health for Children

Importance of Psychological Health for Children

How will you react when your child breaks an expensive toy you bought him? What will you tell him when he performs below your expectations in the academics? Do you want him to be perfect in every aspect of life? Are you prepared to think like him and talk to him on his terms? If the answer is positive to any of the questions, you can expect him to be psychologically healthy as he grows up. Let me share my experience with my son which may help you understand your children better.

Learning to Listen

Most of us won’t listen when our children talk to us. We are preparing to give them a lecture about our childhood. We want them to behave and do just like we expect. If you can repeat exactly what they say, it means you listen without bias. You may or may not accept what they say. You can give them a logical reason for refusing. Once they know you understand what they say, it is easy to convince them to do what you want. They know you have their wellbeing in your mind. As long as you learn to listen, your children will listen to learn from you.

Changing Body Language

Many of the parents try to adopt body postures that are commanding or demanding. The children have to look up and listen, like someone kneeling in front of a tall statue.  It can only instil a feeling of fear and intimidation.

Can you kneel or bend while talking your children? Maybe you could put them on a chair and sit equally in front of them. It makes them feel they are important to you. I have never shouted at my son, except at times when he is adamant. Even then my tone will be like a friend rather than a parent. The strategy has been working for me even today, even when my son is 14.

Sharing Experience

 As a kid even I used to break my toys to see what was inside. Then I came to know I can’t play if I break them. You want to break your toys or play with them?  Give them the option. They will start playing.

Why are you breaking your toys? Don’t you know they are expensive? How many times should I keep telling you? Say these and observe what they do. You can practically experience the difference.

Involving Children

It is a healthy practice to involve the children when you speak about them with your spouse. It could be a simple task like choosing a pair of shoes for them. If you want to talk anything personal, do it when they are sleeping or away in another room.

Avoiding Confrontation

Avoid direct confrontations with your spouse when your children are around. If you disagree on something, postpone the talk. It could be difficult, but you can practice.


 Practice these “exercises” for the next few weeks and observe the results. I am sure you will want to know more from my next posts.

How To Promote Good Health In Children

How To Promote Good Health In Children

A child’s growth is continuous and gradual. It progresses from one stage onto another quite naturally. The physical development refers to the child being able to move and coordinate its movements most of the time. Any unlikely movements are to be monitored and reported for further corrective action.

While parents are busy most of the time in monitoring and controlling the external environments, it is mostly as a follow-on issue that child health comes to form.  Some of the more prominent types of healthy growth can be classified as follows.

  • Provide a healthy play environment. This can be done quite easily as it does not take much to cordon off an area to help people stay in a single location.  It is important to have a healthy area to move around as often young toddlers tend to be rather boisterous most of the time.
  • Involve activities that bring about the movement of the extremes of the bodies.  Like the toes, fingers and neck. This not only improves body balance but on the whole, enables the easy adaptation of the play items to use.
  • Allow family time to children. That is spend some time taking the little ones to a park or to a play area most of the time. It is important to establish lines of communication between children and parents and this is where the act of communion takes place.
  • Do not let the children use only one part of the body.  For example; if the child is kicking a ball around, then it is necessary to allow the person to alternate between the left foot and right foot most of the time. It tends to allow a better coordination of the body as children play and move around.
  • Limit the digital time. By using the word digital time, it is often meant to signify the time spent on the television as well as things like the computer and so on.  The idea is to discourage the time spent idle most of the time.
  • Rolling games are a must with young children. If not the physical rolling on the ground, it must be attempted by moving about the arms from side to side. Few other activities can afford such a pleasure as rolling about abandonly in the sand.
  • Get the children involved in the daily chores. Like washing up the dishes and clearing the rooms after a play session. Even chores like washing of clothes can have a therapeutic effect most of the time.

Being physically active is part of growing up and equally important is the need to maintain a good nutritious diet.


It is never that only the physical part of the exercise is important to young growing up children. A good diet is a must and people should take pains to see that an all-around the ability of the children are stressed for growth most of the time.

Free Healthcare for All in Fredericksburg, Virginia

Free healthcare for everyone in Fredericksburg, Virginia is a great opportunity for people from various communities. The program ensures services from primary health care to the treatments and therapy for the various types of diseases and disorders. I have been living in Fredericksburg for the past 10 years. Today I am 57, fit and healthy. I have no problems like diabetes, blood pressure, heart problem, or any other health issues.

My day starts at five in the morning with a three-mile walk and a glass of pomegranate juice. I eat a healthy breakfast and start my day. I remain energetic and enthusiastic for the entire day. I eat nutritious foods for lunch and supper. Of course, I go for regular tests at the free hospitals here. The doctors monitor my health and suggest changes in the diet plan.

Bone and Joint Pain Healing

Aging can have negative impacts on the bones and joints. I started experiencing such pain when I was 45. It was difficult for me to sit on the chair for a time due to pain in the knees, fibula tendon, hip, and the abs. in the beginning I had ignored the problem. Then I started depending on self-medication and massages.

The pain became cyclic. Some days I could feel the relief, and the other days it would shoot up. That was the time I went to a center for health in Fredericksburg, Virginia. The physiotherapist diagnosed my body completely and determined the exact causes. He advised me some therapies for the joints where I had pain. 

Aqua Therapy

The therapist put me into a hydrotherapy pool he asked me to walk from one end to the other end as if I was sprint walking. The therapy lasted for three to four weeks. Then he put me into the exercise therapy. Joint pain reduced significantly after going through the two treatments.

Then he put me onto the joint mobilization therapy which lasted for about 10 days. From that day my joints have remained relatively free from pain. I have been going for regular walks from that day till today.

Yoga for Better Fitness

Fitness need not mean running the 100-meter mark in 13 seconds. For me, it means the ability to perform my everyday job and family care without any physical ailments. The facilities of health in Fredericksburg, Virginia have given me the freedom to enjoy my life and work in a balanced way.

Obesity Prevention

Obesity is a disease and a disorder which will not go away soon once sets in. I struggled hard with obesity for more than 15 years. Finally, I got the solution from the experts in health in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

I met an Indian doctor there, who put me on a Neem-juice program for 50 days. I had to consume one cup of Neem-leaf extract every morning on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. When combined with the walking and cycling workouts, I could reduce obesity comfortably within the next 60 days.

Now, I am on an obesity prevention diet and workout program. I will discuss it in my next blog.


In my next blogs, I will introduce you to some of the simple and speedier methods of keeping good health with the health in Fredericksburg, Virginia.